I quit the internet.

A great post that nicely sums up my own personal struggle with social media. I do use it, but often begrudgingly–I’d much rather just write another great book.

White Trash Cappuccino

I guess I should preface this post by explaining that I didn’t actually quit the whole internet. Obviously, I still do the blogs and the emails and the occasional Googling of how to spell things like “EpiPen” and how handguns function underwater. But I did quit the social media part of the internet, which at this point in our technological evolution is what the majority of us seem to use it for.

Why, eden? Why would you quit twitter, facebook, or some other third social media site?
I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with social media–and every other kind of social setting, for that matter. I like people. I like to listen to them talk. I like to make them laugh. But being around people makes me uncomfortable. It makes me hyper-aware of all my flaws, inadequacies, and ineptitudes, of every visible blemish and scar I have, of my bad…

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