Book Expo America 2016

Crazy-jealous. Maybe one day I’ll get out to one of these things. Glad to hear the bum leg isn’t keeping you from getting around, though.

One Book Two

imageWow. Chicago, IL downtown. Ever been? It’s very pretty. Old buildings, pretty flowers and lots of traffic.  BEA took place at McCormick Center. It’s a huge convention hall and the exhibit hall was wall to wall business about books.

There were publishers, authors, book sellers, bloggers, press, librarians, promoters and other VIP’s that I can’t think of right now. The theme this year was mostly YA and children’s books, but there were plenty of romance artists there too. Oh, and adult coloring books were big. The most interesting adult coloring book was a paint by number piece except with stickers. I hear you say “Whaaaaa??” I know, right? It is soooo cool! Workman Publishing has brought us such a thing.  It’s called “Paint by Sticker Masterpieces” I preordered mine from Amazon just for fun. It’s kind of a trip back to childhood, you know?

I stood in line for author’s…

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