Happy First Birthday One Book Two!!

I love OneBookTwo … the ladies that run this site are awesome folks and have been a tremendous support to me and other authors like me. So thanks to them for loving books and loving authors. Happy Birthday!

One Book Two

first birthdayWe are so pleased to announce that One Book Two, a site that was a tiny little flitter in Ivana’s mind three-hundred-and-some days ago, is now ONE YEAR OLD!  We  had a bumpy start; as with all things, ya gotta find your groove. Neither Ivana or Nell had any idea what they were doing in the beginning.  It all started as a joke to tease Nell about how she handles reading.  From there Ivana convinced Nell to give it a shot.  We have not looked back.  Not once.

In this post, we’ve rounded up many of our colleague reviewers to get their feelings on the One Year Anniversary.

Invested_Ivana_100Invested Ivana

I am astonished at how much two gals, some free technology, and a bunch of friends can accomplish. I’ve discovered some amazing books, developed a greater appreciation for the indie/self-published author, and made some truly awesome friends. I hope we really *have*…

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