MudMan Release!

MudmanI’m super pumped. March 8th is finally here, which means MudMan is finally out! It’s … Alive, Bwahahahahaha. That’s right, my new book—starring a dysfunctional, socially awkward, vigilante, shapeshifting golem—is available on Amazon and will be on sale for 99 cents through Friday, so pick up a copy on the cheap. Though it’s not a Lazarus book it does take place in the same Lazarus universe and you might even see a few familiar faces. If you enjoy it, please consider leaving an honest review—just a sentence or two letting folks know what you think (reviews help us writerly types stay in the business of writing). Thanks in advance. You can get it here: MudMan


2 responses to “MudMan Release!

  1. Posted review to Amazon. Upon rereading ,after it was posted, I wished that I had proofread it a bit more but the boys were making me absolutely crazy tonight. You know how when you’re trying to do something and the kids keep interrupting your train of thought? I’m sure you understand being that you also have kids how that thing goes… Anyhow I’m just glad that I got a positive review posted for you. As always congrats on the release and thanks for another wonderful tale. Looking forward to the next installment.

    Be well. -Heather Copeman

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    • I know exactly how you feel: having kids around when you try to do anything that requires significant brainpower and focus is next to impossible. Thanks again for reading and for your support.


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